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Innovation Strategy


01/27/2021  at 7 pm

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Get ready to understand how to build an Innovation Strategy.


In this Exchange, we bring André  Barros (CEO of NSI), for us to explore together  the Innovation Ambition Matrix, going deeper into its framework and how it can help us create innovation strategies for companies. We will also list the main " not to do's " of strategic innovation.

Andrew  clays

Graduated in information technology and post-graduated in business management, André Barros has over 20 years of experience in foreign trade and technology. He is currently CEO of ECOMEX NSI, a software company of the holding Cassis Group. Passionate about the company's history, its products and its people, his responsibilities include leading the process of disseminating the defined culture and values; allocate resources to priority projects; guide and evaluate the work of other leaders to build a high-performance team; meet the innovation agenda.

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