An innovation laboratory.

Innovation  it's not magic

We help organizations  to innovate with process.

Through Design Thinking, we work together with organizations  to build the futures they want   - placing the human being at the center of our actions.

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Understand more about how we work with innovation and how we implement methods to innovate strategically.




We work to build your company's future.

Design thinking is one of the best frames for innovation, but it must be very well applied.  

Therefore, we serve few customers in a very personalized way.  We already have expressive customer cases  which grew 32% and we helped a company to save R$150K in investment.

That's why we help companies through a process created by Google.  in 4 days  this process has the unique ability to transform scenarios and validate hypotheses. We help product, HR, strategy and growth sectors.


Every organization needs quick change.


Innovating from the inside out

Expanding knowledge within the organization, taking on the role of innovation as a core business. we passed through  an applied learning experience at MIT, so that the team involved becomes a team of professional designers, ready to innovate today.


education is  the passport to the future we want

Learn  Design Thinking in practice, face-to-face classes  in São Paulo every month. Learn over 24 practical tools at the Design Thinking Bootcamp or become a Master of Design Sprint (methodology created by Google) in just 3 days.

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