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Why Bootcamp Incompany?

The main problem is: companies hire generic training that does not connect with the current challenges in the area or that seem beautiful, but far from being implemented.

That's why we created the Incompany arm of Ensaio:  we help  companies to bring Design Thinking linked to a current challenge in the area.  At the  training itself, we applied the methodology together and left Bootcamp with defined next steps for implementation.

As soon as we receive your contact, we will understand the challenges you want  solve it, we'll design the schedule based on that and we'll deliver practical, implementable training that generates real results.

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How does it work in practice?


The days at Design Thinking Bootcamp In-company are extremely productive, we will do various hands-on and well-timed activities  to make the most of the time available.

However, it is very important to prepare participants with input on the topic: breaking false assumptions, what are the basic pillars of Design Thinking, what are the innovation processes and how to use them in practice.

Everything can vary depending on the company's challenge and how we customize it.


We use the MIT learning methodology, known as Learn By Doing. Therefore, we will learn in practice.

We will learn in practice with various Design Thinking tools: How Might We, Research Triangulation, Defining the Right Question, Ideation, Prototyping, Experimentation and so on.

Finished  with defined next steps, lessons learned and action plan to be executed.

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After  immersion

Transformation of mental model in the team, all ready to solve  complex problems through Design Thinking, interacting with the main tools in practice.

Next steps defined through a complete document such as an action plan and tips for implementation.

who has participated:

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